Dental Bridges in Walla Walla, Washington

If you are missing one tooth or several teeth in a row, Dr. Sullivan may recommend a fixed dental bridge. Fixed bridges are non-removable appliances that use crowns placed on the teeth adjacent to the gap to anchor artificial teeth known as pontics. Once complete, a dental bridge will:

  • Prevent your natural teeth from moving into the missing tooth space
  • Restore function to the bite
  • Prevent the loss of facial volume
  • Replace an unwanted removable partial denture
  • Give you a complete, aesthetically-pleasing smile

Bridges typically require two or three appointments at the office of Dr. Sullivan in Walla Walla. They are crafted using tooth-colored materials to give you a more natural-looking smile. Please call or visit us today if you are missing teeth to learn if a dental bridge or another restorative dentistry treatment, such as a dental implant, is right for you.