Dental Implants in Walla Walla, Washington

As one of the most effective advancements in modern dentistry, dental implants are truly making a world of difference to those who are missing teeth. Because they replace both the root and the crown of missing teeth, dental implants can provide unprecedented stability and security to a mouth that does not have all of its natural teeth.

Implants are placed in a series of procedures with Dr. Sullivan and other dental professionals over several months. Dr. Sullivan will create your dental implant treatment plan and attach a dental implant restoration to the implant after the implant has been surgically placed into your jawbone. Depending on your needs, your implant restoration could be a:

  • Crown
  • Bridge
  • Denture

There is no need to live with missing teeth. Call the office of Dr. Sullivan in Walla Walla today to schedule your consultation and see how implant dentistry can change your life today.